Can Low Oil Cause Check Engine Light to Come On? [Answered]

Dashboard in the car tells you what’s up with the car performance and if it’s about to have some issue or not. One of the lights on the dashboard is Check Engine Light and when it’s turned on, many people freak out! The reason is, it indicates various issues inducing performance, from a faulty oxygen sensor to problems with the emissions system.

If your car fuel is running low, it does not always mean something is fishy with the car engine.  But knowing about low oil causes check engine light to come on or not is important as a car owner.

Check Engine Light is one of the major indicators to tell you about what’s going on with the indicator lamp, engine management and other possible malfunctions regarding it. Logically, there is a separate light  (with oil can icon) that is there to tell you if oil is low in your vehicle. Now you know the answer, right?

Can low oil in the car cause the check engine light to turn on

Somehow, the low oil pressure, caused by low oil levels may turn on the Check Engine Light This is because the low engine oil has so much to do with the car’s best or bad performance and it also can disable the vehicle if you do not work on its repair, immediately. Let’s find more about it.

Can low oil in the car cause the check engine light to turn on?

The low oil in the car can impact the engine performance. But it’s just a myth that low oil level can potentially cause the engine light to come on. Conversely, if you carefully see, the low oil level has a dedicated dashboard icon that looks like a little oil can. But if the oil pressure is low (due to low oil level), it can turn on the check engine light.

Why do cars have engine lights checked?

For vehicle and car maintenance, the check engine light works as the defense and tells you right away there I something wrong in the engine. This light also indicated if the car component is not functioning rightfully. Therefore, you must not overlook it if its turned on. However, its turn on approach does not always mean the issue is big.

When does the check engine light turn on?

When does the check engine light turn on

Low oil in cars has its own icon on the dashboard. So check engine light usually turns on when there is something with the engine, not the low oil level. There are quite many reasons for when the check engine light in the car gets lit. Let’s find out what those reasons are.

  • Keep the fuel cap tight enough for best combustion otherwise the engine light will come on. Loose fuel cap is a BIG no!
  • If there is any fault in the oxygen sensor, it will impact the engine internal combustion. Make sure there is no fault or malfunctioning in the oxygen sensor.
  • Another reason for checking engine light to come on is the mass airflow sensor fault. These (MAF) sensors keep a check on the amount of air entering.
  • If the catalytic converter is faulty, the check engine light will turn on.
  • Make sure there is no fault in the exhaust gas recirculation valve.
  • If the ignition coil and spark plug is faulty, damage has gone bad; the check engine light will be lit. This is when plugs fail to ignite smoothly, the car engine misfires. It can trip the check engine indicator.

If anything goes wrong in the car engine, you should never wait and get your vehicle to the car mechanic. Otherwise, you may end up spending too much on some serious damage.

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