Can You Put Oil in a Hot Engine? [Explained]

Adding oil to the engine is necessary and we all know the reason. But it has its straightforward dos and don’ts that you cannot overlook at all. No soon as you see the light on the dashboard about oil refill, you rush to put oil in the engine.

Putting oil to the warm engine is a recommended way to oil your car. But being careful is something you cannot do without. This is because too hot an engine and oil have to adjust the temperature range and while doing so there can be some fault in the engine.

In this article we shall shed light on the parameter that you should be careful about while putting oil to the hot engine.

Now let’s make the answer more transparent and find more about putting hot oil to the engine.

Should I oil the hot engine in my car?

Putting hot oil in the engine is not entirely wrong, but it’s always best to wait for the engine to cool down.  If you want to maintain the car’s performance it’s ideal to turn off the car, let the engine cool down a bit and then add oil to it.

You must be thinking, why is waiting important?

If you put oil to the hot engine it can burn the oil and the accuracy level of the oil ready will certainly get the impact. Make sure you use the oil funnel during oil filling to prevent oil spill and accurate level.

In short, the burning of oil, oil spilling/splashing and wrong oil level readings due to overfill are the major concerns why you should not prefer adding oil to the hot engine.

How to add oil to the car engine?

Putting oil to the engine is as simple as it sounds. But there are few things that come as precautions, such as using funnels to avoid spills.

Pick right oil

Always choose the right oil for your car engine. On the dipstick or on the car manual you can check the correct oil gradation. Generally, the picking of the 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil for colder temperatures, with a 10W-30 oil as optional for higher ambient temperatures is suggested.

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Ensure oil safety

  1. Find out the oil filler cap on the top of the cylinder head with Engine Oil mark.
  2. Insert the cleaner funnel to the oil filler and add oil slowly to avoid spilling.
  3. Carefully tighten the oil filler cap after removing the funnel so that oil does not leak or spill later on.

Maintain the right oil level

Maintain the oil level

Park the car on leveled ground and wait for it to cool down (5 to 10 minutes) because high temperature will give you false readings. Now, find the dipstick, it’s usually bright in color (marked with engine oil or oil pan symbol).

After finding oil it out and with a cloth rag and again put it into the tube. Remove it again and check the oil level. The oil level should be at minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick.

When should I change oil in the car?

Ideally, you should change the engine oil after every 7,500 miles or six months of time. On the other hand if you use the latest synthetic oil you can replace the oil after 20,000 miles or a year before changing your engine oil.

And if you see the latest automobiles, cars that feature high-quality material, you can also replace the engine oil after every 4,500 kilometers (3,000 miles) and it will be a safe zone.

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