Car with Key Symbol on Dashboard Nissan

Many car owners don’t know the purpose of the car with the key symbol on the dashboard of Nissan, what is this and what is it therefore. Let’s find out all the answers here.

If you are getting confused about the red car with the key symbol, it’s the anti-theft system activation, in case of emergency.

Basically, the inside Nissan symbol in the car dashboards panel is the security alarm light. It’s the warning that tells you about a functioning car security system. For instance, when the car key is not in the ignition lock or accessory position, the alarm and immobilizer system get operational.

So when the engine ignition is in the Auto, Off, Lock, or ACC position, the indicator light should flash as an instant alarm. But if the symbol is flashing nonstop and rapidly, it means the vehicle has got some trouble in it.

Reason why car with key symbol Turning on Nissan Dashboard

why car with key symbol Turning on Nissan Dashboard

Mainly, there are two reasons when the key symbol with car on the dashboard keeps on flashing nonstop; the poor performance of the immobilizer system and the defect with the anti-theft system. Let’s find more about it.

Malfunction Immobilizer System

If there is some defect with the immobilizer system, the red car light on the Nissan dashboard will come on no matter if the ignition switch is ON.  Simply put, the poor immobilizer means the car is not identifying the key and the flashing red light is its sign.

Problem with Anti-Theft System

If the car with the key symbol on the dashboard of a Nissan car comes out when you start the car and it starts to blink, (engine won’t start) it means that you have an anti-theft issue. However, it’s possible that the battery is dead if your car has a smart key fob. Therefore, it’s best to take the car to the repair service center to address the problem the right way.

Fix the Car with Key Symbol Nissan on Dashboard

You can easily fix the flashing light of a car with the key symbol Nissan on the dashboard. Here is how you can do it.

  • After parking the car, try to lock and unlock it a few multiple times. It should resolve the bilking key on the dashboard in most cases.
  • Another solution is to start the ignition a few times.
  • You can also use a different car key as a wise solution. The key you’ve been using before may not work properly afterward.
  • You can also switch off your vehicle 2 to 3 seconds after starting. It will possibly solve the problem.


What happens if I drive with the Nissan key symbol on the dash constantly on?

You should not drive with the Nissan key symbol on the dashboard. The flashiness on the dashboard means that the key was used. 

So you should first figure out the persisting problem. If the vehicle has a problem identifying the key, the car with the key symbol will blink multiple times and then the engine won’t start hence you cannot drive the car.

How do I turn on the anti-theft system?

If you want to turn on the anti-theft system on the car, use the unlock button on the remote key to turn off the car anti-theft system. Use the same key to unlock the driver door and then change the ignition switch setting to “on”.

If that does work, what you need to do is to lock the parking brake and roll down the winders and then lock the driver door using the key. However, the final move is to call the mechanic to rightly check out the problem and reprogram the anti-theft system if the second key does not work.

Does anti-theft feature work (prevent cars from starting)?

Yes, the anti-theft feature works and it’s a useful feature. The purpose of anti-theft is to enhance car safety against theft and the automobile will not start if this system is turned on. 

The system works by turning off the fuel so the automobile cannot start the car by hot wiring with a duplicate key. What’s more, the anti-theft turns on the alarm to notify them about the theft!


The dashboard in the car tells you everything about what’s going on with your vehicle.

The anti-theft feature in cars makes it ideally more protected to drive your vehicle with concern. The car with the key symbol is definitely a great addition that comes to add more security while you are on the go. 

But it’s always best to call the mechanic to reprogram the car with a key symbol so that you don’t end up ruining the functions.

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