How Long Do Ignition Coil Last? [Explained]

Some car components have their flexible limits. To get the most out of that, you need to know how much you can get the most out of that. For example, you might have wondered about how long ignition coils last.

To put it simply, the car ignition coil lasts about 80,000 to 100,000 miles. But that should be taken as a set rule. If you don’t keep your vehicle well-maintained or drive roughly, it certainly puts an impact on the competence that they may wear sooner than the expected durability lifetime.

There are several factors that can fail the ignition coil or maybe impact its performance. Therefore, it’s important to learn what are the signs and reasons for a bad ignition coil.

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In this article we shall find more about that.

What is an ignition coil in a car?

The ignition coil in the car is an important component that is linked to its engine. As you know, the engine works on air, fuel for combustion, compression and the ignition coil, so that the vehicle moves smoothly. 

The ignition coils cause the spark with the help of spark plug and send voltages.  The common reasons to casual failure in the ignition coil are:

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Leakage in the Valve Cover

The leakage in the valve cover is another sign that the ignition coils should be replaced.  As you know already that coil on plug sends robust and strong spark with accuracy of timing. However, the chances of moisture are high. You also know that there is no linking between moisture 

You also know that there is no linking between moisture and electrode, and when they do get a link, the ignition coil gets affected.

When the rubber between the spark plug tube and the valve cover gets damaged due to durability concerns etc., the oil gets inside the tube. This causes failure in the ignition coils.

Too Wide or Too Narrow Spark Plug Gap

The gap in the spark plugs is important between the electrodes so that the grip remain s maintained. Smaller gap means the spark is too weak to combust fuel, whereas a larger gap will cause the spark to jump which causes inconsistency. 

It’s important to note that the spark plug gaps widen over time, so keep an eye on that and take your car to the mechanic if the gap is wider.

Poor air-fuel ratio

If the air-fuel ratio is not correct it can cause ignition coil failure in the car. The mixture with so much air within is likely to wear out the spark plugs because they need more voltages. 

And if the ratio is too rich with heavy fuel, it will cover the spark plug in carbon which then causes circulating issues. So the air fuel ratio must be right.

5 Symptoms of Ignition Coil Failure

  1. Misfiring of the engine
  2. Backfiring of the engine
  3. Check Engine Light will turn on
  4. Engine won’t start smoothly
  5. Less power and reduction in the fuel efficiency

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