How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat Rims? [Answered]

Who doesn’t want to keep their car as new as it was once! While the neat look adds to aesthetic it also enhances the durability and prevents the vehicle from rust. Like paint, powder coating the car rims is also important. But how much does it cost to powder coat the times?

Usually the price of powder-coating wheels doesn’t come as a specific approach. The cost for rims powder coating is about $350 to $700 for all four wheels.  However, if the car has 16 inch wheels, the cost will be about $300. Likewise, the larger wheel can cost more because they need more gloss.

Powder Coating

In vehicles and car rims, the powder coating is the term that is used for the process of finishing a certain vehicle surface in dry coating. Generally the powder coating works electrostatically and is heat cured. 

For that the dry and powdery substance features a polymer base infused with a mixture of curatives, flow modifiers, leveling agents, and pigments.

Unlike paint, the powder coating is much more durable when cured. It’s naturally resistive towards rusting and chipping and makes sure the ideal shines to the surface without any flaking side effect later on.

How long will powder coating last?

How long will powder coating last

Powder coating in vehicles and cars rims is considered safe and an ideal in view of painting. When it comes to durability, it easily lasts more than 15 to 20 good years which is certainly a reasonable time. So the average lasting time is more than a decade. It’s important to note that the lasting factor also depends on the exposure of UV rays, wear and tear (heavy) and the rusting.

If you keep your vehicle well-maintained and safe from excessive heating such as UV, the powder coating may last more than the usual time. However, with the passage of time, powder coating will fade and get scratchy.

Powder Coating VS Painting Wheel

The comparison of powder coating and painting on wheels is often a matter of debate among car owners. In many cases, powder coating the rims and wheels is much safer and comes as an ideal approach. 

It’s the best alternative for painting the wheels mainly due to durability concerns. The reason is powder coating is powered by the electrostatic approach. This coating is powerful and rarely gets chipped, unlike painting. Another reason why powder coating is looked up to is its even application.

Can Any Type of Wheel Be Powder Coated?

You might be wondering about whether all types of car wheel get power coating or if there is a specific type that is eligible for that. 

Generally, powder coating is applied to metallic surfaces for best outcome. In most of the vehicles and automobiles, the metallic surface goes well with powder coating. Steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel also work well.

What makes powder coating expensive?

Unlike paint, powder coating is quite expensive for a few reasons. Dry coating is applied to a specific surface, electrostatically. Moreover, the use of heat is incorporated to make sure the best and long-lasting results. Here is why dry coating is expensive

  • The preparation takes a lot of time. Before starting the dry coating, the process of preparing the wheel, material and more takes effort and hors of time. Also, you must have to remove all the parts that are not metal before dry coat. The reason is that it is hard to get off.
  • Dealing with heat and other such parameters is not a cinch when you want to dry coat larger material car rims are huge for dry coating and moving and working with them takes a lot of effort. You need dedicated hooks for 18 inches (or more) rims.
  • Due to careful and demoing tasks, only quality technicians can perform the dry coating process the right way. The pro assistance is a must for the powder coating the car rims. Everyone cannot apply the powder coating and to handle the task perfectly you need only professionals.
  • For ideal results only quality materials are needed. Cheap quality material will chip soon and the final look will not look as desirable as you thought it could be. Also, if you choose some unique colors, unlike regular black, the cost will hike accordingly.

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