How to Fix a Broken Aux Port in a Car? A Step-by-Step Guide

If your car has a malfunction component you know ways to repair it, same goes for the Aux port. The best approach is to know how to fix a broken Aux port in a car without waiting for someone to fix it.

Therefore, today I shall exclusively tell you the simple step-by-step procedure to fix the broken Aux port. But before you start fixing the broken port, make sure that the input device such as your smartphone is functioning properly so that you can try the Aux with that.

Also, it would be wise if you try a different Aux cable and use compressed air to properly clean the Aux port. Usually, it’s just accumulated dirt and debris that prevent the seamless functionality of the Aux port.

What is an Aux port?

What is an Aux port

In cars and vehicles the Aux port is a tiny port that is on the front (or side) of the car stereo. For its performance, you need an Aux port along with the Auxiliary cable/ Aux cord. 

The Aux cable goes into the port and the other side of the cable goes into the audio input of your device such as a smartphone. After that you just need to play the sound by pressing a button and that’s all. The music will play!

Why is My Car’s Aux Port is Not Working?

There are several issues that can impact the performance of Aux port in your car. For example, the Aux port will not work  if the

  • The Aux Port Is Dirty: first can clog the input port. Keep the port cleaned
  • There is some defect in the cable
  • Wires are damaged
  • The connection in Aux port is loose 

How to Fix a Broken Aux Port in a Car

The issue in the Aux cable can be due to various reasons such as dirt, improper connection etc. however, if you have found that the Aux port is not functioning, there is a rather simple way to fix that. Here is what you need to do.

  • Open the car stereo unit and o for the Auxiliary port.
  • Unscrew the panel carefully and get to the wires. You may need DIN tools and a plastic wedge tool.
  • Make sure that the stereo model is compatible with the car and check the manual.
  • Now plug the new Aux port and fix it nice and good.
  • Carefully fix the, it will that will bring you ha
  • Finally, attach the cover and tighten the screws well.

How can I fix the loose Aux Port?

If you notice a lousy Aux port in your car, you can fix that by adjusting the auxiliary jack grip with the help of a toothpick or any small sharp wooden stick having a smaller size. It would be a made-up solution for some time. But if you want a professional fix, you should consider replacing the Aux port. 

Why is the Aux cable not working?

Usually, there are few reasons that prevent the Aux cable from performing as it should. For instance the dirt or the bad quality cable. If you notice that the Aux cable is not working after some smooth performance, there can be a lousy connection.

However, if that is not the reason make sure you hose- high-quality Aux cable. Finally, there can be the headphone jack issue that is either damaged, or loose.

However, if you are using an iPhone and the Aux cable is not working it makes sense. You need to talk to the vehicle manufacturer to make the surveyor car support the model of phone you are using. 

Also ensure that you care using the latest version of the smartphone that confirms the compatibility. In other solutions, make sure the port is clean, tight, and has not distorted wire connection.

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