Is It Illegal to Drive without a Side Mirror?

Driving a car with a side mirror is much of a safety measure that you must always observe. However, is it illegal to drive without a side mirror or what happens if your car does not have the side mirrors?

For cars and vehicles, it’s recommended to have the operational side mirrors. In many states, it’s illegal to remove side mirrors.  Since the side mirrors of the car let you use what is behind your vehicle it becomes necessary to have those back-view side mirrors installed.

Having said that, there are some states in the world where driving without the side mirror in the car is considered as legal, provided you use the back-view mirror the most.

On the other hand, many states have a rule of road-legal cars with two of the three mirrors as compulsory and one mirror should be affixed to the car’s (vehicle) left-hand side.

Whatever the rules are, you should always follow your state traffic rules that are applicable to your vehicle. It not only saves you from potential accidents but also minimizes the chances of serious road accidents.

State in Which Side Mirrors is Necessary in Vehicles

When it comes to legalities of side view mirrors in the car or vehicle, the rules vary from state to state. Therefore, it’s recommended to follow the traffic rules that your country or city is observing. Generally, having two side mirrors in the car is required by most states in the world.

  • North Dakota: the side view mirror is must if the back view mirror is not working or damaged.
  • Iowa: If the main mirror has hindrance, the passenger-side mirror of the vehicle must.
  • Idaho: Side view is must only if the center mirror is blocked, for all cars (new and old).
  • Texas: One rear view in the car is a must and if the center mirror is blocked, the side mirrors are necessary.
  • California: Left side mirror is necessary in California State for all cars (new/old). The vehicle must have either a right-side mirror or a rearview mirror.
  • Vermont: The driver must have one rear view mirror in their car. For side mirrors, they are only needed when the center mirror is blocked.
  • Mississippi:  Side mirror is must if the view inside the car is blocked.
  • Utah: Two side mirrors are must where one must be is a driver-side mirror.
  • Illinois:  The vehicle must have the two side mirrors if the driver’s back view mirror is broken.
  • Washington: Side mirrors are a must in vehicles; it can be a center mirror or a right-side mirror.
  • Oklahoma: Two side mirrors are necessary and that where one must be on the left side of the driver.

Is it illegal to drive without any wing mirror?

Yes, in many states driving without any safety back view mirror or center mirror is not legal. The reason is safety of your vehicle from others and vice versa. If you don’t follow the law, you may have to face the legalities by your traffic police.

Therefore, having working mirrors (not blocked) comes as legal. And if you don’t follow the rules, it would be the law-breaking approach that comes with concerns. 

At least one of the side view mirrors of the vehicle should be working for safety. You may manage without the passenger side view mirror, but the driver side view mirror is important in all vehicles.

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Can I drive without a back view mirror with safety?

For safety, you should not overlook the importance of back view mirrors. Some states allow the drivers to drive without a rear view mirror. States such as Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Kansas have laws on having a left-side mirror and either a center mirror or a right-side mirror.

So, having a rear view can be exceptional, but a side view mirror on the vehicles is uncompromised for safety and protection from accidents.

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