Oil Pressure Light Comes On When Engine Is Hot? [Explained]

Have you ever noticed odd behavior in your car, such as the oil pressure light coming on when the engine is hot? Is it bad? Why does this happen and what does it indicate? We’ll find all the answers right here on Motormaniax!

There can be so many reasons when the oil pressure light turns on while the engine is hot. For example the sensors can be faulty, oil l level can be low, the dirty oil or the problematic oil pump. So it’s better to find out the reasons first to solve the fault the right way.

Belle we have listed down the common reasons that cause the oil pressure light to come on when the engine is hot or warmed-up.

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Why does oil pressure light come on while the engine is hot?

The reasons for oil pressure light to come on are many. However, if your car has minimal oil levels, or the pickup tube is bad, the light will most likely come on. Moreover, if there is an internal leakage in the oil pump or oil filter the light will come on as an indication.

However, sometimes the reason can be minor such as improper wiring of the oil pressure sensor. Therefore, it’s best to not panic and start inspecting the problem logically.

Why is oil pressure light on when oil is full?

The oil pressure light on the car is not to tell you about how full your tank is. It also tells you other things about the oil in the car. For example, when the oil is of poor quality that can impact the engine, not circulating correctly or if it’s leaking, the oil pressure light will come on as an immediate alarm.

4 Common Reasons That Causes Oil Pressure Light to Come On When Engine Is Hot

1. Faulty oil pump

Another reason for oil pressure light coming on is the defective oil pump which then causes the oil light to become illuminated during the hot engine. Oil pump is the reason for the oil circulation in the machine. And when the pump fails to do so, the engine can get damaged. Therefore the oil

2. Defective sensors

The defective sensors mean they are not functioning properly. Therefore, turning on the oil pressure light makes sense. If the oil pressure light comes on it’s not always the problematic engine, sometimes the culprit is the sensors.

The sensors can get faulty if there is poor electricity in the car. Therefore, if you find that the sensors are faulty, check the electricity of the car. For the best solution, take your vehicle to the mechanic for exact diagnosis of the problem.

3. Low oil level

The engine of the car takes the oil level as a problem. Therefore the oil pressure light comes on when the oil level is relatively at the minimal level. To confirm if the level is low, you need to open the car hood and pull the dipstick out.

Clean the dipstick using a cloth rag and re-insert it into the oil tank. Check out the level of oil at the dipstick. If it’s at minimum level, refill the tank.

4. Poor quality oil/ dirty

The dirty oil in the car impacts the performance for sure. If the oil is dirty the oil pressure light will certainly come on to tell you the possible fault. It certainly makes sense that the poor quality oil or the dirty oil with contamination cannot perform well.

You should change the oil after every 3,000 miles or every 3 months to maintain the quality. Also check the car’s owner’s manual for specific suggestions depending on which car model you have.

Why do cars have low oil pressure light?

The low oil pressure lights are the alarms or indications that tell the driver about low oil level. However, it also tells the performance of the oil. The engine needs oil for smooth lubrication so that all components in the vehicle move without friction.

When the oil is too low to provide enough lubrication, the low oil pressure light turns on. This is because when oil pressure is low, it can not only cause defects in the engine, but sometimes the low pressure of oil can cause permanent engine damage which is costly.

I don’t want to see low oil pressure light, how do I get rid of it?

If you use the proper engine oil with the precise viscosity level, the low oil pressure light won’t come on. You can check the right viscosity of oil on the car manual as each car model has  its own guidelines. Also, do not keep the engine oil low at the minimal level, if it’s low, top it off.

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