Should I Buy a Car If the Airbags Have Been Deployed?

Airbags in any car are for the safety of the driver. No matter if you are just a learner of a professional driver, the airbags always highlight the safety standards. But many people are starting to think about whether I should buy a car if the airbags have been deployed or not.

As you can compromise the looks and color selection of the car, the airbags should come uncompromised. 

Therefore, buying a car with deployed airbags is not a wise move, and you should not opt for it. Deployed airbags in the car not only bring concerns for your safety but also can cause damage to the vehicle itself.

Why should you not buy a car with deployed airbags?

car with deployed airbags

Although it is not a good move to buy the car with deployed airbags but if you still buy, it should come with a bargain offer.

If you buy the car with already deployed airbags, there are chances of no insurance. This is because many companies do not offer insurance for such a car because it comes under total loss into their guidelines.

Due to company policies it is suggested you should not buy the car with deployed airbags. For deployed airbags, the car owner will no longer be able to receive any compensation from the insurance company when it comes to repair and maintenance and refuse to insure the vehicle. However, not all companies would have such policies.

What are the Types of airbags?

While airbags in the car are much talked about for added protection and safety, the seatbelts, and knee airbags are also there. Seatbelt pretensioners help to keep the seatbelt well-tight when there is any collision. And the knee airbags in the car (as the name suggests) help to add knee safety.

There are majorly two types of airbags, the frontal one and the side-impact airbags. Both of these airbags come to enhance the safety of the rider. However, the frontal airbag helps to protect the driver and passenger on the side from frontal injuries. On the other hand, the side-impact airbags in the car protects from side injuries and collisions.

Here is How to Know If Car Has Deployed Airbags

Figure out the details

Nothing gives the best details then to see with your eyes. For airbags deployment of the car, visually inspect the vehicle and find out the trails. If you are getting confused, here is what you need to do.

  • Check for cracks in the plastic casing.
  • Check for airbag replacement with the generic one
  • Check the damage in the car’s interior where the airbag deploys

The Power residue

If you are still having a hard time to know if your car has deployed airbags or not, the powder residue will tell you a lot. It’s the simple way to find out the information. You just have to see the powder residue which is created when chemical propellant the inflator module combusts.

Usually the inflator module is the reason for the deployed airbag. Also the powder residue means the airbag of the car has been deployed earlier. Also check the rips, burns, or holes in the upholstery or carpeting.

The indicator light

The SRS light in the car otherwise known as airbag indicator lights are there to tell you a lot. These are small red/yellow lights at the center console near the speedometer. The bright light which is on means the SRS systems has got some fault or the airbag was deployed in the past.

When you turn on the car engine and car accessories you can easily see the airbag indicator lights.

Car’s Repair History

The repair history of the car tells a lot. When you are searching for the car airbags being deployed, always look for the car repair history.  For that use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for getting information about accidents (if any) for airbag deployed.

Cons of car with deployed airbags

  • Repairing can break the bank; can cost approx. $1,000 to $1,500
  • No warranty
  • No insurance, companies refuse to insure vehicle with deployed airbag
  • Other potential damages hidden in the car is possible


Buying a car with deployed airbags is a total preferred move. However if you opt for buying a car in such conditions, its price should come with a bargain.

We included information in terms of rules and general acceptance; you should always abide by the rules of your region in terms of selling cars with deployed airbags.

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