Should I Replace Ignition Coil with Spark Plugs? [Explained]

To keep the car moving and functional, there are a lot of background components working on it; igniting coils and sparks plugs amongst them.

If you know the dos and don’ts of replacing car components readily saves you from any unexpected damage. Therefore it’s important to understand the purpose of a particular car part so that you can find the substitute, ideally.

The ignition coils in the car are there on the engine electric components to amplify the voltages. This is because the car engine does not produce enough current to make it move. Therefore, the ignition coil helps to increase the electricity volts.

So the question of should I replace the ignition coil with spark plugs makes sense.

The answer to this question depends on the worn-out condition of the ignition coils. If the vehicle has worn-out or defective spark plugs for which the ignition coils are impacted, it’s better to replace both, simultaneously. Let’s explore more about spark plug and ignition coils.

What is an ignition coil?

What is an ignition coil

The ignition coil in the car is the small electrical component that amplifies the voltages in order to keep the car functional. The ignition coil sends power to the spark plug and each spark plug has its own dedicated ignition coil. The car battery does not let out enough voltage current that helps it for mobility. Therefore ignition coils are important.

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When should you replace the spark plugs?

Each car is different and so is its internal functionality. When it comes to replacing the spark plugs, it depends from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Earlier, you needed to replace the spark plugs after 30,000 miles, whereas now you can change them for about 60,000 and 105,000 miles which is a huge difference. 

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But then again, you should not take it as a benchmark. It’s better to check the car user’s manual that tells you about when you replace its components, its lifespan, durability and more.

Here are a few indications that tell you spark plugs/ignition coils may need a replacement.

  • The engine will misfire
  • The car will run rough when idle
  • The check engine light will come on
  • The car won’t start/ start with trouble

When to change the Bad Ignition Coils

Although the above mentioned indications or signs are the same for a bad ignition coil, you should replace both. However when it comes to a bad ignition coil it’s important to replace them with spark plugs as they work together. 

The ignition coils come in different (four) types such as conventional, electronic, coil packs, and coil-on-plug. So every ignition works its way differently to produce the high voltages.

If either spark plug or ignition coil fail to handle the car performance in a seamless manner, it’s best to replace both of them at once.

The reason is defective or worn out spark plug put load on the coils so if the reason for the faulty ignition coil is worn out plug, you should replace both of them.

Can I replace only one ignition coil?

Replacing the component that has fault makes sense. You don’t have to replace the set of toe ignition coils because one coil pack is enough for two engine cylinders. Keep in mind that a coil pack will start to get faulty if the odometer approximately reaches 75,000 miles, after that you need to replace all the ignition coils.

When you are replaying spark plugs, it’s best to replace the ignition wires as well, same goes for the ignition wires. This will help the car to be at its best driving state. Moreover, you won’t have any concern for the burned gasoline white you drive the vehicle.

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