Why Does My Oil Pressure Go Up When I Accelerate

There are many instances when we start to doubt the car for many things. For example, why does it vibrate, why the smoke color has changed etc. Sometimes these signs are indications for potential malfunction while sometimes not.

If you have questioned yourself about why does my oil pressure go up when I accelerate, this post is here to unveil the answer!

Luckily, this is quite normal for the car to hike up oil pressure whenever you accelerate the car. The reason for this is because acceleration makes the engine work on its full swing and hence the car oil pump starts to function more actively and the pressure eventually goes up. 

Sometimes when you are using thick oil, it will have a hard time passing through the engine passage making the pressure go higher. So you can simply change the thick oil to the smooth and thinner one for its easy passage.

So there is nothing serious to worry about. Now let’s see what is high oil pressure in cars?

High Oil Pressure 

Oil pressure in the car is one of the main reasons why your car moves smoothly or not. So it is important to understand its insights. The oil pressure in any vehicle or car is the important factor for making sure each component gets the best lubrication and cooling for an ideal car drive. 

As you know the oil pressure is maintained via the oil pump through the engine of the car, so it’s important that it always receives smoothness and lubrication.

When the oil pressure is not normal and it’s too low, the components installed in the car engine will lack lubrication

Therefore, there are chances of friction, overheating, and excessive wearing of the engine. Conversely, the high oil pressure in the engine puts strain on the component which is likely to lead them towards fault, malfunction or failure.

Is it normal to hike-up the oil pressure when I accelerate?

As mentioned above, it is completely normal for the oil pressure to go up when you accelerate the car. However, if you see any changes in the car performance during that time, it can be an indication of something.

For example, when you notice strange sounds such as ticking noises or engine knocking it can be due to a faulty oil pump or oil pressure sensor. Sometimes it can be due to poor engine components. If you spot any odd noises from the engine, it’s time to get it to the car mechanic as soon as possible.

Why does oil pressure move as I drive a car?

If you see the fluctuating oil pressure while you drive your vehicle, don’t panic. There are quite some reasons for that. For example due to engine temperature, speed, oil viscosity, and load issues. To the most of it the engine works faster and harder due to which oil pressure fluctuates.

When the oil is either thick or cold, the oil pressure gauge will likely decrease, provided the engine is not working. But if the oil pressure regulator moves or lies completely to the lower level it could be due to oil filter problems or oil pump problems. Top reasons for oil pressure going up are;

  • If the oil pump is faulty
  • If the engine is overheating
  • If the pressure relief valve is
  • If the bearings are damaged or faulty
  • If there is blockage or sludge or other deposit buildups
  • If you’re using components or parts that are not designed for your vehicle

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