Car Wobbles When Driving Slow [Causes and Fix]

If your car wobbles (moves from side to side) it certainly is a BIG NO! Not only the vibration in the car can cause accidents but it also tells you the possible issue in one of the components in your vehicles. However, it’s very common that at one point of time you start to notice vibrations or wobbliness in the car when it’s slow.

Mostly the general reason for when a car wobbles in slow driving is poor wheel alignment. If you don’t know what car wheel alignment is, you better take your vehicle to the mechanic to ensure ideal balance under the tires. 

Additionally, the low pressure in the car wheel and the worn-out condition of the tire can be another most common reason why your car wobbles even in slow driving.

However, if you talk about other technical causes, the bent rims, bad axles, worn-out suspension components, loose parts on your wheels, wheel bearing, loose bolts or screws on your wheels, and tires or failed engine mounts or transmission mounts can cause wobbliness in the car!

So in this article, we will find out the causes of wobbles and solutions that tell you the right way to overcome the problem. All this on this page!

Why Does My Car Wobble When Driving Slow?

Bad wheel alignment

Poor wheel alignment and wobbly car when driving slowly has a logical link. Certainly, when the wheels are out of balance or when either of the wheel alignments are not perfectly balanced. 

This causes the car to wobble even when you are driving at a slower speed. Keep the car alignment maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications. When the alignment is out of the recommended guidelines, you will notice jerks in the car while driving slowly.

Suspension components gone bad

Another reason for wobble in the car is the worn out suspension components.  Make sure to take your car to the car mechanic so that you find out when components are out of order to cause vibration or wobbliness. Usually when components are out of durability they tend to perform below par!

Loose parts in the car

Another reason can be loose wheels due to overuse. This can also cause imbalance in the car during driving even at slower speed. 

Likewise, if the screws and bolts are lousy on the wheel you will experience wobbliness during  driving. For the solution, you only have to tighten the loose screws and bolts using a screwdriver and a wrench. Make sure everything is snug, afterwards.

Bent rims and poor axle

The bent rims are another reason why cars wobble when driving slowly. Make sure the times are not corroded; if they are, replace them right away to avoid any imbalance in the car while driving.

Likewise if the axle of the wheel is poor in quality or installment it can promote wobbliness in the vehicle. Use the axle wrench and lift the axle off the ground till it’s even. If there is uneven movement, get it checked by a mechanic.

Worn out tires and other issues

Like wheel alignment the tires should also be in the best condition. If the wheels of the car are worn out the wobbliness in the vehicle is obvious. So always check the wheel of the car before you drive so that you never have to face jerks and wobbles. 

Replace the tire if it’s too worn out. Likewise, make sure the pressure in the tire is ideal. If it’s low, the car rims will wobble at slow speed. Check all the four tier of the cars have ideal pressure.

Wheel bearing

The wheel bearing on the car is there to join the hub to the axle on each of the car tires. So when the bearing gets too weak or worn out, you notice the wobble in the car at slow speed. 

Defective engine mounts or transmission mounts

The failure in the transmission mounts and the engine mounts is another cause that promotes wobble in the car at slow driving speed. It’s rare to happen. 

However, sometimes when the engine mount or transmission mounts are out of order, you notice irregular smoothness in the car. To check, lift the car using a jack and find out if the car starts level or it shits unevenly to get it repaired.

What to do when a car wobbles while driving slowly?

The first step is to find out the reason or cause that promotes the issue in the car. Now when you know the possible reasons that are promoting jerks and wobbliness in your car you can reach the solution likewise. Most of the cases are due to worn out components so miss-matched alignment of the wheel.

So you should make sure that the vehicle does not have any wheel related issues such as worn out state, poor alignment etc. If there is any such issue it’s best to get the old part replaced right away.

What should I do when my car wobbles while driving?

What to do when a car wobbles while driving slowly

It’s very important to not panic if the car wobbles during the drive. Try not to panic as you might lose control of the car and that would be a real panic situation then. 

So avoid making a ruckus and figure out the situation. Tow your car or vehicle to the nearby car service station for immediate solution.

It’s important to note that you should not solve the problem by using immediate methods. The professional mechanic will get to the problem and give you the authentic solution. 

As a tip, always keep your car maintained and get it checked on a regular basis. It will help you timely locate the problem, if any.

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