How to bleed off an Overcharged AC?

Not many people know how to bleed off overcharged AC in the car. So today will guide you about the very matter.

In cars and vehicles, the overcharging to the AC system can lead to potential damage to the compressor. Moreover, it can also put excessive strain on the engine and lead to overheating issues. Sometimes the AC unit might refuse to turn on to blow cool air of its overcharged.

Therefore, it’s important to bleed off the overcharged AC to keep off any possible trouble related to that.

In a simpler way, when you add more than required limit of the refrigerant to a car AC it causes overcharging which can be defective for AC proper work. Therefore you need to extract that which is termed as bleeding of overcharged AC.

Problems with the AC system of your car can lead you to buy refrigerant, aka Freon. However, keep in mind that refrigerant is quite dangerous to handle if you don’t take proper precautionary measures.

If you are topping up the AC system on your own, never ever overlook covering your skin with gloves or else you may end up in the hospital emergency ward!

Signs of an Overcharged AC

Here is how your car tells you when the AC is overcharged.

1. Air Condition Won’t Work

When AC is overcharged, it will not perform effectively. This is the most common sign of overcharging. When you turn on the AC, it will not let out cool air even after 10-15 m which means there is some problem. The reason is insufficient refrigerant’s inability to expand within the system to circulate.

2. No Air

The absence of air is another common sign for AC overcharging. This may not be applicable for all car models but there are many cars in which it’s true.

In that car, when you turn on the AC, you won’t feel any change, in terms of cooling.  For safety, when AC sensors detect an erroneous pressure in the lines, it shuts off.

3. Compressor Noises and Breakdown

When you listen to odd noises from the compressor, it tells you about the problem. You know the sound that it makes so any unfamiliar sound can mean the AC is overcharged.

When a compressor forces high-pressure refrigerant to flow and results in vain, the components as seals and valves will fail and it will break down as a final result.

 If you are annoyed with the noise AC, check out the Step by Step Guide to Quiet a Noisy Car AC Compressor in a simplified manner.

4. High Pressure Reading

Another sign is high pressure reading when you refill the AC system. The air pressure gauge will give you high pressure reading. The pressure gauge is for the defense and alerts you when you overcharge it. So overcharging will give high pressure reading!

5. Below-par Engine Performance

You will noticeably face engine issues if there is something wrong in the AC or if it’s overcharged. Reason being AC needs proper power to work effectively and when there is no significant power for AC to operate, engine issues make logical presence.

The refrigerant in the system has to pass through the tiny nozzle, and forcing the liquid through it puts load on the compressor.

How to bleed off an Overcharged AC

Here is how you can extract overcharging AC fluid the easy way. However, you should never take refrigerant for granted as it is highly risky for health concerns. However, the process is not as simple as it might sound.

The reason is you cannot dispose of Freon in air due to its hazardous approach for the environment. Therefore, we recommend you take your car to the professional mechanic to properly and efficiently handle the work. Besides, you’ll require legal certification (in most regions) to perform the process.

But if you are sure of yourself to be safer, here is how you can do it. But for that you’ll need a dedicated machine that a professional uses.

  • The best way to release the pressure is to open the car windows and sunroof to let go of excessive pressure, and also turn on the fan at high speed.
  • Use a machine with vacuums to remove or bleed excess coolant.
  • The machine checks out pressure levels while running to ensure levels reach normal ranges.
  • After that the machine will automatically stop once the coolant level reaches normal.


How to release Freon from AC?

For bleeding off Freon from the AC of your car, look for the AC lines under the hood and disconnect them at one end. It will drain the refrigerant smoothly. It will shut down the AC because there is no fluid within.

How to check whether a car’s AC system is running out of Freon?

If your car is running out of the refrigerant the AC will blow warm air for obvious reasons. Moreover, you will also see the visible leakage in the AC compartment system that tells you about the visible sign.

Is it important Bleed off AC?

Yes, it’s important to maintain the AC system of your car because it ensures the performance when you need cool air. Moreover, bleeding off the AC is crucial because it comes as a protection approach for critical AC components. Bleeding off properly ensures energy efficiency performance.


If you are new to cars and its maintenance, we highly recommend you to take your car to the mechanic for its service and bleed off the AC. However, if you know how to do it on your own you still need to observe precautionary measures.

Usually, professionals use special machinery to extract and dispose of the refrigerant therefore, it is better to consult the mechanic. However, we listed the sign of overcharged AC. We hope that has cleared many concepts!

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