How Fast Can You Drive On A Spare Tire?

Having a spare wheel in the car is more like a necessity and less of a precaution. Therefore neglecting it can put you in trouble finding a garage real quick. So if you have it the next question becomes how fast can you drive on a spare tire? If you have been questioning this recently, this article is here as an answer.

As a matter of fact, you can drive 50 mph to speed on a spare tire. Exceeding from this limit can be dangerous and comes with its own concerns. It’s also important to note that spare ties should not be driven more than 70 miles of distance.

If you keep on driving more than the recommended distance the spare tire will either wear out, blowout, or it will cause damage to the other components/part of the car.

Max speed on spare tire

Max speed on spare tire

Although the maximum speed of the spare tire wheel is 50mph, you should keep the speed to the average level. This is because the efficiency of a spare tire is not as up to the mark as a newer car wheel has. Therefore, to avoid any speed accident, you should not drive the car at the max speed of 50mph.

If you drive too fast on a spare wheel it can be dangerous for sure. For instance, the wheel can fail to perform as it should. Moreover, you can also lose control of the car if you continue to drive above 50mph, such as 55mph.

It can cause damage to the car axle and other essential parts of the car. Not to mention that you should always follow the speed laws of your countries when it comes to car driving.

How long can you drive on a spare tire?

If you talk about the distance, you can drive 50 miles on a spare tire of your car. This is the safest distance measurement and if you go beyond that, it may bring concerns of wheel damage. 

However, there is a rule stating the exact distance covered when you have a spare wheel in for driving. But if you choose to drive with a spare wheel, 50 miles of distance and 50mph speed is recommended by experts.

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What to do when you are driving on a spare wheel?

There are some precautions when you are riding on a spare wheel. So when you don’t have the original tire and are now driving on the spare wheel, follow these tips.

Go slowly

With the spare tire, always drive slowly. This is to ensure safety and best driving without any tire flat issue. Always follow the right speed limit (50 mph) so that you don’t lose control over your vehicle.

Be vigilant

When you are not driving with the standard wheel of the car, it becomes more important to drive with careful behavior. The smaller wheel means more potential risk of the car load and other parameters. 

So whenever you are taking a turn, or driving on the straight road, always be careful of what’s going around. For example, staying in the slow lane and using hazard lights is recommended.

Get the wheel replaced

As the name suggests, the spare tire is only a temporary solution. So you should not keep on driving with it more than 50 miles of distance. So rush to the nearest garage store, and get the new wheel.

The guidelines of driving with a spare wheel are not tough. However, if you don’t follow them or overlook the speed limit factor you may get higher chances of potential wheel damage or car accident.

What to do when you are driving on a spare wheel

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