How to Remove Broken Spark Plug?

If you regularly replace the spark plugs of your car, you know the drill. However, if you do not, replacing plugs to keep up with the maintenance of the car is highly recommended.

The reason is the ideal functionality of the spark plug makes sure instant car starts. But if you somehow didn’t replace worn-out spark plug this article for you. Below is the step by step procedure about how to remove the broken spark plug.

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Why Replacing Spark Plug Is Important?

If you don’t replace the spark plug on time, it will lead the vehicle to many troubles. For example, you may face the misfiring spark plugs which certainly put more stress on the car’s catalytic converter (the engine’s exhaust cleaner).

How to Remove Broken Spark Plug

Here is the 4-step easy way to take out the broken spark plugs from your car.  

Material you’ll need:

  • A ratchet
  • A spark plug socket
  • An extension bars
  • Spark plug extractor tool
  • A penetrating oil (WD-40)

1. Clean the Dirt 

First off, disconnect the car battery and clean the debris where the spark plug was installed. You can use compressed air to efficiently clean up the mess. It will ensure the best performance for the next spark plug as dirt often causes blockage and impact on durability of components.

2. Spray Penetrating Oil

Using penetrating oil helps a lot. Spray the oil on the threaded surfaces and wait 10 minutes. The penetrating oil works to loosen up the hard rust on the old (broken) plug. 

However, you can also use WD-40 or kerosene. After using spray, kerosene etc., it’s essential to wait and let it work.

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3. Use Extractor Tool

Now it’s time to use the extractor tool. It’s dedicated to removing the broken spark plugs the easy way. You can use a spark plug socket to remove the broken spark plug. Locate out the spark plug head and insert in the extractor into the hole at the head’s top. You need to unscrew clockwise.

If you cannot process, use square-cut bits instead of spiral-cut bits.

Spiral cut bits are efficient for instant removal of the material whereas the Square cut bits feature sharper edges that break through tough materials such as metal or plastic.

4. Fix Everything Back

Finally, reinstall every time that you have removed. Make sure to clean the oil residue and wipe using a rag. Place back everything and use an anti-seize compound on threads as well as a torque wrench if needed. Also, reconnect the battery that you disconnected in step one.

5 Signs of Broken Spark plug

If you do not timely replace the spark plug its worn out condition will result in a broken spark plug and it will cause further problems. For instance you will notice minimal car performance and engine failure in some cases. Here are the signs of broken spark plugs.

  • Misfiring engine
  • Odd noises from the engine
  • Trouble starting in car
  • Rough engine running
  • Power loss on frequent basis


When you have a car, always keep an eye on the condition of its spark plugs. According to experts, you should replace the spark plugs after every 30,000 miles. You can also replace them with a gap of two to three years to maintain the performance and durability of your car. It saves you from unexpected and irreversible damage to the engine.


What is the cost of removing a broken spark plug?

The cost of replacing or removing the spark plug can vary. Usually it ranges from $50 to $200.  The cost is crying because it totally depends on the car model, its manufacturing and the location you are in. Also the kind of damage the spark plug has received also matters. Sometimes the cost may be expensive.

What happens if I don’t remove broken spark plugs?

If you won’t remove the broken spark plugs it will cause a major problem to the car engine. The defective or broken spark plug impacts the ceramic part. Therefore, it may cause serious damage to the engine which will be expensive to recover. In most cases the damage is irreversible.

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