Can You Use Brake Cleaner As Starting Fluid? [Answered]

The fluids and cleaning agents of automobiles should always be used properly. But if you use them without following the directions or you misuse the quantity, you will swiftly damage the car component. Therefore, it’s always suggested to use the right amount of fluid and cleaner to keep the vehicle going.

Many people get confused about using the brake cleaner. So, today we shall only talk about can you use brake cleaner as starting fluid or not?

The short and direct answer is, you should avoid using brake cleaner as a starting fluid. Although it seems a possible substitute for starting fluid, however, it does not come as a recommended solution. Brake cleaner is primarily for cleaning the slimy dirt and to degrease the brake components/parts.

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Brake cleaner does not come with any property of combustion fuel so if you use it as a starting fluid, your car will be at high risk of getting damaged or catching some fault. 

Now let’s find more about it.

What is starter fluid?

starter fluid

The starting fluid in the car works to power the engine for starting. It’s basically an aerosol spray type liquid that features extremely flammable substances namely ether or ethylene. So these substances work to help the engine start by making the engine’s combustion chamber ignite.

Starter fluid works by approaches and mixes with the incoming air once it is sprayed into the air intake of the car engine. This makes the combustible mixture approach for the vehicle to be in a mobile state.

It offers an ignitable fuel source to the engine for starting the combustion in the engine. Starter fluid is especially helpful during chilly cold temperatures when the engine is having a hard time starting out due to poor sparking. 

If you use the high-quality starting fluid for your car engine, you will notice the difference in comparison with sign substandard type that can otherwise damage the engine.

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What if I use brake cleaner for starting the car in an emergency?

As said above, the cleaner of the brake is not designed for combustion in the engine in any way. However, in case of emergence you may have to use it as a quick engine start solution. 

So technically speaking, the brake cleaner has the potential to start the car in an emergency and it will work. Because it is highly flammable! But it can be dangerous and your vehicle would be at risk of some serious failure any time. So, it’s better to stick to what’s recommended for your specific car model.

What should I use as a starting fluid instead of brake clear as a substitute?

You should always rely on the recommended fluid that is designed for the purpose. However, if you do have to rely on some substitute for starting the car, you can use carby (carburetor) spray. Depending on the engine efficiency, its performance and how much repair it needs, your car may take time to start.

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