How to Remove Freon from Car without Recovery Machine?

In cars and vehicles, there are a lot of parameters that are otherwise quite vulnerable or sensitive to operate. For example, the removal of Freon is a quite careful task that you should only do if you know about it beforehand.

Otherwise taking your car to the professional is the only wise choice that you should opt for. Let’s know more insights!

What is a Freon in a Car?

Freon is also commonly known as refrigerant.

In automobiles and vehicles, Freon is a non-combustible gas that works as a refrigerant in air conditioning applications.  It works by the same principle as it works in your household AC system to cool down the hot air.

Freon gets pressurized from the compressor and comes into the form of liquid. Therefore, the system gets cooler air that circulates in the car or in the cabin of the vehicle. This refrigerant makes sure the ideal cooling system through the liquid gas to maintain the car temperature ranges.

When your car is running out of the refrigerant it will no longer keep up with the cooling approach. That is the reason why you should check the car AC and maintain its charging.

Removing Freon from Car

As you know, dealing with Freon gas is risky if you don’t know the professional way. When you remove Freon from the car, use caution. Use proper clothing, safety glasses, and gloves.

When you remove Freon from the car, use caution. Use proper clothing, safety glasses, and gloves

This is because it can cause breathing problems if you inhale it. Moreover, it can also be painful if Freon comes across your skin on any part.

It’s important to know about the purity level of Freon so that you can decide better for reusing it or disposing of it. For that use a purity detector.

Moreover, you cannot diffuse Freon in air because it’s illicit in all states for the harmful causes. You must have a container for the refrigerant to go into.

How to Remove Freon from Car without Recovery Machine

Here is the step by step procedure on how to remove Freon from the car without a recovery machine.

1. Set the Thermostat to Off

 Inside the car turn off the thermostat and make sure of that. Also ensure that the heat and air conditioning are off. It’s important to have everything in the cooling system turned off before you proceed.

2. Look for the air Conditioning Compressor

Now look for the air conditioning compressor at the section area. Also search for the lower pressure side with the Freon. 

The section side will be most possible on the unit on the condensing side. After finding, join the low-pressure to the suction and properly hook them together.

3. Grab Wrench

At this point grab the wrench or a hex key (Allen key) and make sure the valve on the low-pressure end of the unit is completely turned off. After that, close the service valve on the high-pressure end as well. It’s important. However, don’t close the value too tightly, which is difficult in re-opening, when needed.

4. Lower the voltage Jumper

Now lower the voltage jumper and you will notice reduction in the low-pressure and it is empty. Make sure to empty it step by step and gradually. After completely empty, close the valve using the hex key wrench or.

5. Close the value

As the final step, close the values completely and tightly enough. Do this when it’s empty. Also make sure the compressor is de-energized.

One thing to bear in mind while performing the steps is the accuracy. Make sure you follow the steps as they are and tighten the valves well.  Moreover, complete the process quickly and safely.


When you are removing Freon from the car, be quite careful while performing the steps. However, there are times when you have to keep up the process without the help of a professional. We hope this article has helped you in knowing the steps in an easy manner.


Is Refrigerant/Freon Dangerous?

Freon is ‘Highly Dangerous’ and you should never come in contact with this gas without wearing gloves, masks and other proper equipment. It can cause serious lung damage; however, if one can survive past 72 hours, it will be then considered a complete recovery. Likewise, if you sniff Freon, it is likely to cause long-term brain damage and sudden death.

Why is it Important to Remove Freon?

You might be wondering why it’s important to remove refrigerants, or Freon, from cars.  Removing or replacement of the AC’s refrigerant coolant on a regular basis is ideal for the ideal performance of the cooling system.

What is the Proper Clothing to come in Contact with Freon?

First of all, you should never remove Freon/ refrigerant from a car without having proper know-how about it. After that make sure you wear long-sleeved clothing and heavy clothing to avoid its direct skin contact. Also wear protective eyewear such as goggles and gloves, and the mask or respirator.

What Happens If My Skin Comes into Contact with Freon?

As you know Freon is dangerous for skin. If you come in contact with the liquid Freon on your skin, you will feel an intense cold because it has that property. However, the liquid will evaporate in a moment leaving your skin with severe irritation and burns and frostbite.

If you notice that, immediately put the affected area on the skin into lukewarm water and keep the area in water until the tissue is soft to the touch. After that, wrap the area with sanitized gauze. It’s best to go to the doctor for proper treatment if it’s too painful or irritating.

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