What Does Compact Parking Mean? (Quick & Easy Explanation)

Driving the car without knowing what compact parking means sounds- ignorant. You might have seen places where only Compact Parking is allowed. So what is it? Is it different from regular parking? Let’s find out.

Compact parking is for vehicles and cars that fall into the category of mid-zed car. The car or vehicle smaller than the mid-size one is eligible for compact parking. The purpose of compact parking is to allow space for small cars which otherwise saves space for other vehicles.

In compact parking you can park Motorcycle, scooter, smaller Clermont Toyota, and of course, a compact car! The compact car should occupy the space of 160 feet or range from 140 to 180, not more than that.  

In short, the compact car space is approximately 25% smaller than a regular car space. You will see the sign of compact parking where it’s allowed that reads as “Compact”.  Let’s now lean more about it

Compact Parking Space

Generally, the compact parking space is about 225 square feet. Sometimes it ranges from 188 to 260 feet.  The compact car is about160 square feet and can range from 135 to 176 square feet. So if you have a car that is beyond this size, it is not liable to be parked at the compact parking zone. The compact car parking may not seem small, but it does a lot and saves more space when you have to find a car parking space in the rush area.

What is Compact Parking?

There are endless times when you have to brainstorm about finding that car parking. Unfortunately, sometimes the parking is at the most difficult location, but you have to make it work.

Compact car parking is a term used in Europe and North America to make the drivers easily understand where they can park the car if their vehicle is a certain size.

For example, in Europe, the compact parking is valid for vehicles and cars that are about four meters long, whereas in North America the compact parking terminology is for any vehicle of four-wheeler that has a smaller size than a mid-size car.

Can I park in compact parking if my car fits?

No. Legally you cannot park your car in the Compact Parking Only area even if your vehicle fits that dimension. However, if you still park your car in the compact parking zone, it would be a rule breaking move and you may have to pay a fine for that. 

The compact parking is dedicatedly for those vehicles that are smaller in size so that the space saving approach is more practical. So, if you park in that zone, your car will likely get towed or ticketed.

Is there any way to find a compact parking space?

Certainly yes! You can easily find out if the parking space has a compact parking size or not. Just look at the symbol that is drawn on the parking area. 

Usually a parking space ranges between 18 feet long and six feet wide. A compact parking space is between 16 feet long and eight feet wide.

Also, you can check that by the size of the parking space. Compact parking space is smaller than the regular parking space.

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