How Many Brake Pads Come In a Box?

Generally, the brake pads come as a pair in the box. Therefore you can expect 4 Brake Pads in a single box and one rotor per wheel. Still, there can be variations such as which company you’ve ordered from or what brand offers are, in particular.

The brake pads can be for the rear or front wheels.

In the brake pads, you get two internal and two external pads. It’s suggested to replace your car brake pads in pairs no matter if only a single pad requires replacement.

Keep in mind that the car model and its manufacturing have an impact on the brake padding style. So depending on different car manufacturers, the number of brake pads numbering may vary. There can be a different set of numbers in brake pads per box. 

It would be better to check out the car owner’s manual for correctness. Some of the manufacturers also offer a dedicated lubricant to cut back noise and rattle sound of clips or shims etc.

Why do brake pads come in pairs?

Metallic brake pads

You might question why car brake pads always come in pairs even when you need to replace the single brake pad. Here is the answer.

If the brake pad of the driver side gets damaged or worn out you need to replace the passenger side brake pad as well. Therefore, the need of getting the brake pad in pairing makes logic.

To replace the older brake pads with newer ones, you need to replace brake pads of both (right front and left front) wheels, simultaneously.

Do I need two brake pads for a single wheel?

The functionality and performance of brakes in cars are highly important to work seamlessly and smoothly. Therefore, you cannot overlook its demand in any way. For dual brake pads per wheel, there is a reason.

The technical reason is whenever you press the pedal the clipper of the brakes gets wrings the rotor to slow down the speed pace.

Both of the paddles work at once to press the rotor from each side. All this makes the even pace and friction which is much needed in a moving vehicle or car. That’s the reason why you need two brake pads per wheel.

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How should I replace the brake pads?

Brake pads difference for front and rear wheels

As mentioned above, the brake pads are available in pairing of 4. So if you want to replace the padding of all of the wheels, you need to get a total of 8 brake pads. Wear two pads for a single wheel.

It’s important to note the size and dimensions go just right according to your car wheel as each car has its signature dimensions in terms of the replacement of brake pads. Also, replace all the brake pads for maintaining balance and keeping off any potential wearing of the tier.

Front brake pads have the tendency to wear soon due to more functionality and working toward friction. So it makes sense to replace the front brake pads more frequently than the back ones.

Brake pads difference for front and rear wheels

One thing about the front and rear brake pads is the dimensions. Usually, the frontal brake pads are bulky, larger, and have a thicker dimension than that of the rear brake pads. Therefore their wearing capabilities also have an impact. The front brake pads work toward stopping the power and maintaining the friction for obvious reasons.

Know When to Replace The Brake Pads

The first sign is obvious when your car brake pads wear out.  Apart from that there are other signs that tell you it’s time to replace them. Such as:

The first sign is obvious when your car brake pads wear out. Apart from that there are other signs that tell you it’s time to replace brake pads. Such as:

  • When they grind when engaged
  • When the brake pads look thin
  • When they squeal a lot when engaged
  • When the steering wheel vibrates when braking
  • When the car does not stop immediately when applying the brakes

Is changing brake pads in pairs necessary? What happens if I don’t change them?

Is changing brake pads in pairs necessary

Yes, it’s important to change the brake pads in pairing if you see the signs. And if you don’t change them, you may experience an uneven and bumpy ride on the road. As you know, the brake pads wear at different rates so if you don’t change them in pairs it will likely cause imbalance due to one pad being thick and the other being thin.

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