How to Stop Brakes from Squeaking Without Taking Tire Off?

The squeaking sound is always annoying. And when it’s from your car brake it can be dangerous as well. If you are facing the issue this article will exclusively focus on how to stop brakes from squeaking without taking the tire off.

If removing the car tier sounds too much effort. Today I shall tell you the solutions that are handy, quick, and won’t ask you to remove the car wheel to solve brake squeaking.

Cars in which you have installed the brake recently are more likely to squeak. The reason is improper installation of the brakes. If the brake pads are loose and vibrating, you will notice the squeaking brake noise.

For this, you can simply install a set of shims to cut back the annoying vibration of the brakes. These shims will help the brake pad to the remaining place plus you won’t require taking off the care tier either. 

Below I shall explain other ways to stop the squeaking of brakes without taking off the tire.

Why Causes Squeaking Brakes in Car?

Why Causes Squeaking Brakes in Car

Before you dive into the solution, let’s have a quick look at the reasons for squeaking car brakes. There are many reasons for squeaking brakes such as

  • Gathering of snow and rust on the rotors can be a reason. When the pads scrap the snow the brakes may squeak.
  • The continuous squeaking sound of the brakes may indicate the built-in wear indicator on the brake pads. If the brake pads are damaged or worn out, they can result in a speaking brake sound.

How to Stop Brakes from Squeaking Without Taking Tire Off

Repairing the squeaking brakes can cost you about $250 to $500. But you can also get rid of that without any wheel change on your own. 

Thankfully, there are simple ways for stopping brakes from squeaking without taking the tire off. Here is what you need to do.

1. Lubricate the brakes pads

As mentioned above, dirty and rusty brake pads are more likely to let out a loud and annoying squeaking sound. So if you want to get rid of the problem without changing the car wheel, simply grassing and shimming the brake pad will help you instantly. 

For this grease, the contact point of the brake pads as well as the caliper carrier but don’t grease on the pad’s surface and on the rotors.

2. Use brake cleaner

Use brake cleaner

Cleaning of anything solves many problems, same goes for car squeaking brakes. This solution is easy. For this solution you don’t need a list of cleaning agents. You just need to grab a brake dust cleaner and a garden hose and clean the garden hose. Carefully pick the non-toxic brake cleaner to avoid any potential damage. 

Wait for a while to cool down the car brakes and then apply the cleaner thoroughly on the wheels and brakes caliper. After that rinse off the forming using the best garden hose

3. Clean Glazed Brake Pads

If the squeaking of the brakes persists, it’s time to clean the glazed brake pads. To clean the glazed brake pads you need to thoroughly wet them in the solution of isopropyl alcohol and sand them with 280 to 320 grit sandpaper onto the granite stone or concrete slab. 

If that sounds like a hectic task, you can simply opt for replacing the older brake pads with new ones. Also, it’s important to note the efficiency of each task. 

If you are a newbie in car care and don’t know how to perform the brake click, you should accompany yourself with a professional person.


How to lube the brakes pad the right way?

It’s important to use the right aid whenever you are opting for car care. Not only does that impact the performance of your vehicles but it also helps you to add longevity to it.

The best lube for your car brakes would be the one that can endure the high heat. Now, while applying lube, avoid its application on the friction area of the brake pads, rotors as well as on the internal area of drum housing. Only apply it on the caliper and/or pins.  You can also choose the brake squeal spray for cutting back the noise.

What’s the easy way to stop brake squeaking?

You can use DW40 spray for the instant solution. You have to use WD-40 Automotive Specialist Brakes & Parts Cleaner, regularly to maintain the performance and efficiency of car brakes. It will also increase the durability of brakes plus the disc pads would probably perform smoothly.

How much time after I should check the brakes of my car?

It’s better to keep a check on your car care often. Usually it is recommended to check the brakes every six months. If you don’t keep the cleanliness in your car a must-have factor, you should check the brakes more often than six months.

Can I drive a car with squeaking brakes? Is it safe?

Well, it’s not safe to keep on driving while your car is showing signs of poor performance. With squeaking brakes you should not continue to drive more than two days. Brakes squeak when they’re worn out so it’s best to replace them timely.

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