How to Clean Ignition Coil? (Easy Guide)

Cleaning the car ignition coils is not tough if you follow the directions as they are. However, if you are doing it on your own for the first time, it’s suggested to have a prop assistant by your side.

For cleaning the ignition coil, you need to lose the bolt as a first approach. Next, get the wire off and twist the bolt to slide it. You can use a small brush and a toothbrush for cleaning the coil along with the air intake cleaner.

Below are the important steps for ignition coil cleaning!

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1. Get the wire off by losing the bolts

As mentioned above, you need to first loose the bolt on the ignition coil and then remove the wiring. But before taking that out, turn off your vehicle. After that, lift up the engine cover and search for the spark plug chamber there.

Usually the ignition coil cylinders are right above the spark plug. The bolts would be of 10mm size. Unscrew the wheel with the help of 10mm wrench and take out the oil pack

2. Take out the coil pack

After unscrewing the coil pack now you should pull out the cylinder, but make sure to move carefully for this step.

3. Clean the coil

Now it is time to clean the ignition coil of the car.  After you have successfully taken out the boot cover there you can see the coil. The coil would be probably covered with dirt, grease and slimy debris that has layered on the surface of the coil.

For cleaning the ignition coil grab the best air intake cleaner spray. Spray cleaner into the cylinder coil and make sure all the greasy slim and junk has come out. For further cleaning use the toothbrush and thoroughly scrub the coil.

Putting the ignition coil pack is as easy as taking it out. Just undo the steps and carefully fix the coil in its place. You’re done!

Other way to clean the ignition coil

If you don’t want to clean the ignition coil from the above mentioned steps, there is another way for cleaning. You can use the brake cleaner of your car.

You just have to spray the cleaner into the inside area of the coil and get the debris out of it. Also use the small brush to scrub the accumulated dirt just as you did in above steps. After cleaning,  let the coil air dry. Once dry, put back the coil. That’s it.

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Signs of poor ignition coil

Signs of poor ignition coil

Keeping your car clean also includes its ignition coil. If you don’t know when to clean it, here are the few signs that tell you the answer.

  • Less Power: the lack of power can be due to minimum voltage from battery or spark plug. And for this the ignition coil can be the reason.
  • Sudden Backfires: it happens to poor coils. Check for the ignition coil and repair it if needed.
  • If the Engine Light is on: it means the engine is not working fine. It could be a sign of a poor ignition coil.
  • If Engine misfires are common: it means the ignition coil has got worn-out, damaged or has some fault in it.

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