How to Jump Fuel Pump Relay on Chevy Truck? (Easy Fix!)

The fuel pump relay is one of the crucial systems in the car that must always keep up with the performance. In Chevy trucks, the fuel pump in the car takes care of the current flow in the electrical system. 

It maintained the ignition system of the car lights, safety features such as ABS, and the sensors among other features. So, it’s important to keep it functional and ideal.

But if you don’t know how to jump the fuel pump relay on a Chevy truck, you may notice the poor sensors, minimal or zero flow of electric current. In this article, I shall tell you the easy way to jump the fuel pump relay on a Chevy truck.

How to Jump Fuel Pump Relay on Chevy Truck

Luckily, jump-starting the fuel pump relay is not a complex or difficult process. If you have the right tool and follow the directions correctly, you can do it in a few minutes.

Tools you need

  • Ratchet set
  • Open-ended wrench
  • Extension cables
  • Replacement fuel pump relay

Step 1:

Park your Chevy truck on the smooth surface (leveled) , lift up the hood and find out the relay in the engine bay. It will be beside the fuse box or the battery terminals. There will be a black plastic box with the relay in it. The relay usually has a mark with a label. You can also check the manual to be sure.

Step 2:

Now disconnect the battery as the “first step” of starting the process. Remove the battery terminals carefully, for that you need to remove the negative cable. However, you can remove both ends of the terminals if you’re scared of electricity or you want to.

Step 3:

Now connect the end of the cable and pair them rightfully. Make sure to join the red jumper cable with the ready end of the battery whereas black jumper cable with the black end of the battery.

Avoid any metal contact between the cables. Connect two pins with the end of copper wire. The pins are on the top left and lower end comer of the relay center.

Step 4:

Now turn on the engine of the Chevy truck and let it run for at least 15 seconds. After that, turn the engine off.

Step 5:

Check the light and fuel gauge. After turning off the engine check the fuel gauge, there must be progression of the colors in the fuel gauge, if you followed the steps correctly. The fuel gauge light should be green or red to yellow and then green. It can take time.

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What does the relay fuel pump go bad for?

There can be multiple reasons such as the power surges or the older age that prevent the fuel pump relay to work properly. However in most cases there are power surges and cases of malfunction. Keeping the quality and car driving performance, the fuel pump relay can last for about 100 to 200 miles.

Can I drive with a poor fuel pump relay or should I jump it if it has a fault?

Driving your car with a bad fuel pump relay depends how much damage it has already got. If the damage or fault is under control you can start the car after a few tries. However if the engine has stopped receiving any current or all the power has lost, the engine would certainly become stall and the car won’t be able to start, till you jump the fuel pump relay.

Therefore, if you see a fault in the fuel pump relay it’s best to take your car to the mechanic. If you keep on driving with it it will not function smoothly. For long-term bypassed fuel pump relay is not a best approach.

If the fuel pump does not work it can be due to poor installation. Best is to take the care of the mechanic.

Common signs of bad fuel pump relay

  1. When the engine works, there is a humming sound. If you can’t hear any such humming sound, it means that there is no electricity for the pump to receive. So, it’s a silent indication that the fuel pump relay has gone bad. 
  2. The engine won’t start at all. This is another sign of faulty fuel pump/ the engine will likely produce sounds of starting but it won’t work.
  3. The fault in the fuel pump relay will result in the loss of power for sure.  If the owner has suddenly lost, it means the fuel pump has got some issue within. The lack of power tells you to take your vehicle to the car mechanic.
  4. Engine will stall, become slow for performance or suddenly while driving and then stop means the fuel pump has a fault.


One thing to keep in mind when you are jumping the fuel pump relay on a Chevy truck is to follow the steps as they are.  However, it’s always suggested to take your vehicle to the professional for best repair and maintenance that you might otherwise overlook. 

Above, we  listed the common signs for bad fuel relays, so if you notice any of these signs, get your truck thoroughly checked for other possible defects by a mechanic.

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