How to Tell If Your Car is Bugged? (Signs & Tips)

There has always been a lingering threat about privacy and safety when you own the car. That said, the advanced technology has somehow given an edge to invading a smarter and rather unpredictable way and one such thing is car bugging.

When you notice something odd in your vehicle and suspect someone is either listening in or mongering your car it could be bugging. For instance if you notice irrational sensation in your car, it indicates towards someone as a recording or monitoring device installed within.

Of course it’s not ethical in any way, but what should you do in that case, most importantly, how to tell if your car is bugged. In this article we’ll answer that.

What Does Car Bugging Mean?

If the car or vehicle has converted it means the car has been bugged. For instance the GPS tracking system in the car is there to keep track of the vehicle, track your movements and listening devices can be used to eavesdrop on your conversations.

GPS tracking system in the car

In short, car bugging is a way or act in which the car is installed with a listening device or a bug in order to eavesdrop on the conversation of the person(s) in the car. It can be done to collect evidence or spaying.

Below we will figure out how to find if your vehicle has been installed with GPS trackers or recording devices on this page.

How to Tell If Your Car is Bugged- 5 Indications

Here are the top signs that tell your car to feature some hidden device to listen to your conversations.

1. Odd Behavior of People

This can be tricky to infer but if you notice strange behavior of people around you it can be a sign that your car has been bugged, for example if people are watching you or looking at you in a suspicious manner or maybe avoiding you in the first place. These behaviors show someone is listening in on your conversations.

2. Unfamiliar Noises

strange noises or static coming from your car’s

This is the most common sign that many people have noticed when their car has been bugged. If you listen to strange noises or static coming from your car’s speakers, it indicates the bugging of your vehicle. In some cases you may hear scratching sounds on your phone lines.

The reason is the device may transmit the conversation to a nearby receiver. The car radio frequently encounters some interference and transmission causes interference with the car’s audio system.

3. Battery Will Drain

Another sign is when the car battery is getting drained faster than usual. The reason is simple, the installed device is getting the charge/power from your battery and the car will certainly have its impact.

4. Strange or Eccentric Activity

Certainly when someone has installed the bug in your car, you will likely notice unusual activity near it. If you notice such an unusual activity in which strangers are just lingering around or you see an unfamiliar car parked nearby it assures the doubt. Sometimes your mobile phone may ring but there is no call or other notification,

5. Peculiar Objects

Having a bug in your car is all about unfamiliarity in itself. Therefore, if you sport anything off in your vehicles it further backs up the doubt. In that case, if you notice an odd object in your car that you never placed such as a USB drive, a pen, or any small device that you have not known it means the vehicle has a bug.

What to do When Your Car Is Bugged

If you have noticed the above indications of bug cars as valid, here is what you need to do.

  • Locate out the bugs and inspect all the possible hidden areas.
  • Shuffle the routine and stop talking or congesting about sensitive topics in the car.  Choose a secure location for that.
  • Immediately rush to the professional to get rid of the bugs.
  • Secure your vehicle and make sure you lock the doors, windows when you’re away
  • Use secure messaging apps that offer end-to-end encryption to keep your messages from getting intercepted.


If you find out your car has a bug it’s important to get it removed by a professional. The early signs of bugs in cars are strange noises, battery drain, and odd activity near and around your car. In this article we listed down how you can check out if there is any bug installed and what to do after war. 

Remember; never compromise on you and your car safety and privacy and always keep the doors/window closed when you are away.


How is a car bugged?

Usually cars are bugs using things that are otherwise hard to recognize as “Device”. For example, cars can be bugged as innocuous objects like pens, USB drives, and sometimes in cigarette lighters. The places where objects are hidden can be under the seats, inside the air vents, or even in the engine compartment. The bugs look usual and harmless so you need to be wise enough to catch what’s unlikely.

What to do if a car is bugged?

If you are aware of your surroundings you will instantly know when something is wrong. In case of a bug in the car, you should immediately report it to the authorities. You should not try to remove the bug to take any risk. The professionals will do it the right way

Where can be the bug in the car?

  • Hood
  • Inspect the wheels
  • Underneath the car
  • Under the bumpers
  • Data port and seating
  • Beneath the dashboard
  • A/c or dashboard
  • Use a bug sweeper

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